Meet me, a passionate artistic soul with an inclination for crafting unique and innovative stories, bringing characters to life, and creating captivating motion pictures. I am also skilled in stage design and overall cinematic art direction, allowing me to create a truly immersive experience for audiences.
A little bit about me: I was born in Switzerland in 1995 to Polish parents and have spent my entire life in my hometown of Zurich, where I have honed my artistic aspirations and pursued my creative projects.
Who am I? I am an artist, an actress, a singer, and a visionary. As a director and seer, I strive to bring my creative vision to life, and as a doer I am continuously striving to exceed the limits of what is achievable.
My story isn't quite linear, but rather a journey of development, learning, and growth. I have faced challenges, failed, stood up again, and kept moving forward. Through it all, I have remained dedicated to my craft and committed to bringing my unique perspective to every project I undertake.
Experience my work that is soaked with what makes me, me. The essence of my soul I have put there. Find it... Truthfully I pour my heart and soul into everything I create, striving to capture the beauty, truth, theatricality, and hidden depths of the human spiritual experience.
Discover my artistry and you will find a world where you can step out of the ordinary and into something truly extraordinary.
I invite you to join me on this creative journey, where we can explore the world through the lens of artistry and imagination.

Zurich, 2022